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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors – Your Wife will Love Them!

Hardwood FlooringWe’ve just had our flooring redone, my best friend tells me. Uh-huh, I reply, concentrating on getting my golf ball into the cup. They are Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors and really beautiful, he says. You should get them too. Yes, my wife was hinting at it, I say, but we’ve got perfectly good granite flooring and it’ll just be an expense we don’t need. Yes, my friend agrees. They are a little bit more expensive than ordinary flooring but Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors are sturdy and will last you a life time. Because it is such a hard and thick wood, there is no chipping or any chance of them getting scratched. You have to look after it, though, but just a water-based cleaner and a thorough drying with a terry cloth is all it needs. Besides, it also pushes up the price of your home so if you do ever sell, you will make a good little profit.

That perks me up. Tell me more, I say. Well, says Tim (that’s his name) Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors can be used in any type of home: modern, period, country cottages, and in any room. It has a beautiful red finish that gives the home a stately, sophisticated look and each room an elegant and lived in look. I love my study now and the flooring complements the dark furniture. Best of all, the wife loves it because now she can have the pastel walls she’s always wanted and still make the room look warm and inviting because of the glow you get from the Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors.

I went home that day thinking over what Tim had said and decided to do some research of my own. I found that Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors were one of the most used. They come from, as the name suggests, Brazil and because they grow in such hot temperatures, they are already ‘seasoned’ so there is hardly any chance of it swelling, getting warped or developing cracks. I also learned that the color doesn’t fade in a hurry so the need for retouching or restoring was minimal.

It has been a few months since I had that conversation with Tim. And here we were once again knocking a few balls around the golf course. Heard you redid your home with Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors, he says. Yes, I reply. I love it. And the wife loves it. She’s the talk of her circle now and she is happy. How else do you think I would be allowed to golf twice in the space of a few months?

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